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Link Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure


At the time we instantiate a link to an external website, the content linked to is accurate, legal and appropriate. We monitor changes regularly, but not in real-time. So although we check the target sites of our links regularly, we do not take any guarantee for the content linked to.

We love fresh air. And we love love. But we can't live on fresh air and love. That is why we sell our designs on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other merchandise items, which is a quite ordinary standard way of monetizing design artwork. If you go to Teespring®, Amazon® or Zazzle® through one of the links on our website, and buy something there, we earn money. This is the paycheck for our work, which we like to get - just like everybody with a job likes to get a paycheck. This does not increase the price for you. Read the FULL DISCLOSURE.


Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy Fundamentals

First of all: fishwaterdesign.com is not an eCommerce giant corporation, but we are a small business run by a few real people who care about the security and privacy of our own data when surfing the web just as much as you do. Privacy matters and tech stuff can be confusing, so this page shall outline to you what sort of data we collect and store, and what happens to your data transferred to other services that we use to provide our own service to you. And we try to avoid the technical geek language as much as possible, we promise.

Data Security

To be clear about that: we guarantee you, we will never ever, under no circumstances and by no means abuse your data for any purpose other than delivering our service to you. We do not sell it, we do not rent it, we do not trade it, we do not exchange it for other data. We might share it with third party services helping us to deliver our service (read more on that below).

Data we collect

We do not collect and store personal data about you.

What we do, through third party-services and through software installed on our webhosts server, is collecting and storing ANONYMOUS data about your visit, like which pages you have viewed and which links you clicked on. We are not able to conclude things like "ah, John viewed our privacy policy and then he got back to our start page", we only can say "a visitor viewed our privacy policy..."

We also, although you are anonymous to us (i.e. there is no need to register and login to view our content) might evaluate technical data about your equipment (e.g. screen size) for the sole purpose of displaying our content to you in the best way possible by e.g. adapting our font size to your screen depending on whether it is a 42 inch large scale monitor or a 6 inch smart phone.

Third party data use and use of data by third parties

We use third party services where needed to deliver our service to you. Their use of your data is beyond our control, but we select only partners who we believe are no threat to the integrity of your data. We use them to measure visitor behaviour and track our success in converting visitors to customers, which enables us to understand, which parts of our site do their job better than others. This helps us doing our job better and providing better service to you.

Third party services we use are:

  • Google® analytics
  • a Facebook® pixel / app
  • a plugin from AddThis®
Google® analytics records what pages you view, which actions you take, how you came here and which equipment you use. The same applies to the Facebook® pixel / app and the AddThis® plugin. As stated above, none of that can be related to you as a person, we do not know, who you are, as long as you are visiting and not logging in.
You can learn more about Google Analytics and even opt-out if you do not like it.
For the Facebook Pixel you can set your privacy settings here.
You have the option to opt-out from AddThis® tracking here.

Data shared with our fulfillment partners and affiliate partners

We earn money by selling our designs on t-shirts and other merchandise items. To do so, we use well-known partners for production of the items, billing and order fulfillment. When you click one of the shopping links, you are redirected to Teespring®, Amazon® or Zazzle® and a tracking cookie is written, in order to be able to track the sale and get paid as we should be.

Companies we are partnering with through an affiliate agreement (Teespring®, Amazon® and Zazzle® and/or their affiliates) may serve content and advertisements, and collect information directly from visitors. They also might place cookies on visitors browsers in order to track sales referred by us properly.


Cookies are small textfiles put to your computer to store data relevant for serving our content properly. You might have noticed the cookie consent footer when you entered the page. We use a feature of Silktide to provide this to you to satisfy european legislation concerning customer protection and information on cookies. If you accept the cookie policy, this service places a cookie on your computer in order to prevent the cookie policy to show up again and again.

Social media, liking and sharing

Social media companies (like Facebook®, Pinterest® and Twitter®) we link to using AddThis® buttons such as "share" or "follow" or "tweet" provide sharing code "as is" and we have no control over that code. They probably know that you are using our website (Facebook® does for sure, since we use the Facebook® conversion tracking pixel), if you are their member and especially when you are logged in to their services. If so, being a member of the social network and using the buttons to like, tweet and share, we do not think them knowing you are here is really a concern to you.


We claim the copyright for our design works and the ideas behind them. Do not copy or use them without prior written permission. They are our bread and butter. Thank you!

We really are treating the intellectual property of other people with the same respect. We do not copy artwork.

Since we outsource parts of the "manual work", we put an emphasis on checking originality of the work done by our contractors. However copyright checks on subcontractor work, especially in the digital online world, are a tough and taunting task - still we put a lot of work in developing and partly automating this process.

But we are not perfect, and might have missed something: So, if you think, some of your copyrights are infringed by one of our design pieces, let us assure you: We did not do it on purpose or with bad intentions! We just missed it in our quality checks for the incoming design work from subcontractors. People make mistakes. Forgive us, let us get better.

You have copyright claims? Give us a call or send us an email and we will work it out together with you!

We will either remove your copyrighted material, or credit you for it in a proper way and hand over future revenues. This will be your choice only. If you decide to prefer a removal, please allow for 2 weeks. Although it will be our top priority, we are just human, a small team, and people get sick or are on holiday.

If you contact us with a claim, please include as much information and material supporting your claim, as you possibly can. This will help us to solve the situation as quickly as possible.

(Final note: Of course we will no longer work with a contractor that used your work and sold it to us as his own.)


About / Impressum


The following satisfies legislation of our company residence Austria and therefor is in German language.

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